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Drew McCulloch

Make More Money - Mike Bersin

Advertising on the radio works, and many businesses across the UK have built their fortune on radio. But radio is only a medium; a way of getting a message to people. When advertising on the radio hasn't worked, in 99 per cent of cases, it's the message at fault not the medium; there was something wrong with the advert. Based on thirty years experience in the industry, "Make More Money" shows you how to create simple and effective radio adverts that will give you a substantial return on your investment in radio.
It includes: the top ten things that many advertisers get wrong in their adverts, how to get an instant response, how to begin an advert so everyone pays attention and much much more. Discover how getting radio right is actually much easier than getting it wrong. Mike Bersin has worked with almost every radio group in the country, in both creative practice and management, and in the last twelve years alone has been very much back at the sharp end, having met and written advertising for around 3,000 local and regional clients. The overwhelming feedback that he gets is that his radio advertising makes money for clients. This is how he does it.